PliesA judge has dismissed a civil lawsuit filed against Plies and his music label, Big Gates Records, that alleged both had profited from a 2006 shooting at a Gainesville, Fla. concert.

The concert, which also featured incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie, took place at a venue called Club 238, where members of Plies' entourage, including his older brother and business partner, Big Gates, allegedly fired several shots into the crowd. The five men that were wounded at the concert filled the civil suit in 2008.

Plies and his brother had pleaded guilty to criminal charges for their involvement in the shooting, for which the Florida rapper admitted to possession of a firearm, and was sentenced to probation, while his brother received a 3-year-sentence for attempted murder. Big Gates was released this past April.

The civil suit alleged that Plies sought to benefit from the notoriety he received from the shooting.

"He [Plies] characterizes it as if he is the principal [shooter]," explained the complainants' attorney. "As if he is the guy, he is the gangster, he's the thug he's the goon, yes that's what he is selling and that is why we are suing him."

The case was dismissed after it was decided that Plies did not fire the shots, and was not responsible for the injuries received by the 5 men.

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