Chris Webby is a Connecticut-based rhymer who made a name for himself in the indie rap scene with his 2013 debut EP 'Homegrown.' Recently, he dropped a new mixtape called 'The Checkup,' which includes the autobiographical song, 'Superhuman.' Webby just released a video for the reflective track, which Arcade Sushi premiered today (July 30).

In the Hunter Lyon-directed clip, Webby recalls his childhood of reading Superman comics and playing Nintendo video games, which have inspired him to rap. In the next segment, we seen a teenage Webby listening to classic rap albums from Biggie and Tupac Shakur and writing rhymes in his notepad.

"My super powers have evolved better look out / I'm Gambit with a full house / Magneto in a metal room.../ Superman in the air now / I'm Scott Summers in a stare down / Nobody's stepping to the s--- I'm doin' / I'm here and I'm superhuman," he raps.

In addition to the video, Webby is working on his next full-length project titled 'Chemically Imbalanced,' set for release on eOne Music.

For more information on Chris Webby, check out his official website. To download his new mixtape, 'The Checkup,' click here.