Rap newcomer Chris Webby may not be a household name but he's on a mission to change that. While the Connecticut rhymer has his core followers, he also has detractors. So in the video for 'F--- Off,' Webby makes it clear that he's not going to let haters stop his shine.

Directed By Hunter Lyon, the clip features Webby detailing the ups and downs of being popular while flicking off the naysayers.

"Some people hate the fact that now I'm on my way / Some people love every f---ing word I say / Some other people be like 'Who is he?' / But f--- it man, I'ma keep doing me," he raps.

The video also features people in different scenarios trying not to let obstacles in their life get them down.

At the end, Webby, in a show of solidarity, leads a group of people in throwing their middle fingers high in the sky.

'Chemically Imbalanced,' Chris Webby's new album, is due in stores on Oct. 28.

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