Chris Brown had a big scare early this morning. After experiencing a calmer home invasion at his crib when a woman snuck in without his knowledge in May, now CB's Los Angeles house has once again been invaded.

This time, the singer was robbed by three men Wednesday morning (July 15) and his aunt was held at gunpoint by one of the robbers. According to TMZ, the robbery took place around 2 a.m. at Chris' San Fernando Valley house. Three armed men barged their way into the crib and found Chris' aunt. One of the men held a gun to her face and ordered her to stay in the closet while they ransacked the house.

Police report they flipped the house upside down looking for valuables. The robbers were able to steal money and other pieces of property before finally leaving the house. CB's aunt called the cops in hopes of nabbing the culprits, but they were long gone once the police arrived. The armed robbers apparently knew the home was owned by Brown. Chris' aunt was told that they knew that the house belonged to him and they continued their invasion after throwing her in the closet.

As for Brown, he was nowhere near the robbery. The "Loyal" crooner was at Club Argyle in Hollywood from 12:30 a.m. to 2:13 a.m., which happened to be around the time of the robbery, TMZ reports.

Joyce Hawkins, his mother, claims one of his friends is behind the home invasion. She reportedly isn't too fond of the people her son surrounds himself with, which is one of the reasons they've had a tumultuous relationship over the years. Shortly after news broke of Brown's house being robbed, she tweeted a valuable piece of advice: "WATCH WHO YOU STANDING BESIDE."

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