Chris Brown's long-awaited album, 'X,' will finally arrive in a few weeks. And just to give fans more of a taste from the upcoming LP, he just shared the title track.

Starting with a very somber piano introduction, Chris sings about a girl who played with his heart and how he won't take it from her anymore. The dark lyrics are quite visual and paint an especially grim picture
in the first verse.

"I keep my secrets in a safe house / Better if I don't speak / Devil's trying to kill / Just outline my shape out / Catch me at the crime scene," Chris sings.

But he has more than just emotional lyrics as the song goes from being a sad ballad to a heavy headbanger by the pre-chorus -- making you feel like you're on a melodic roller coaster.

“I know just who you are / You put me on layaway / You just like to heart shop / I think that it’s over / I swear to God I’m moving on," he declares before the track jumps into a jumpy siren-infused beat.

But just like the hills and valleys of a thrilling ride at an amusement park, the track has its high energy points and slow descents. As much as Chris plays with the tempos in this track, 'X' will also play with your emotions.

'X' debuts Sept. 16.

Listen to Chris Brown's 'X'