Chris Brown and Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator have never held back from expressing their thrills and ills on Twitter -- the former thanking his fans for their endless support and bashing his critics for talking about his famed assault case, while the latter throws out expletives every chance he gets and geeks out over sighting Justin Bieber. However, last night (June 2), the respective R&B and hip-hop staples aimed their tweets at one another in a show of verbal fisticuffs.

The 'F.A.M.E.' creator took to the social networking platform to dish on music that he felt wasn't in the same vein as his upbeat 'Beautiful People' record. "All this demonic music is wack as s---!" Chris wrote. "I never claim to be no saint but by no means am I trying to promote death, violence, and destruction with my music!"

While some of his followers thought Rihanna was the person the subliminal tweets were aimed at -- she just released a dark and graphic video for 'Man Down' -- it turned out that Tyler jumped in to accept being the center of the "demonic music" Brown was describing.

"Why Is Chris Brown Talking So Much S--- About Metallica? Weird," Tyler responded with a hint of sarcasm. He then went into a series of tweets that poked fun at Chris' blond hair. "N---- is A Stunt Double For A Highlighter. This N---- Went To His Barber Like ' Can I Get A Fucked Up With A Taper?'"

CB didn't take the diss kindly, firing a round of posts back at the OFWGKTA frontman as well as his groupmate Hodgy Beats. "Never mentioned @fucktyler or any of them N-----! General statement and your hype man hodgy caught feelings! #n----thatfeelguilty."

Their heated exchange came to a halt but not before Tyler revealed that he really had no beef with the 'Look at Me Now' performer, even going so far as to say he was a fan of the song featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, which recently hit a double platinum sales mark. "Dude 'Look At Me Now' Is My S---. I Really Like That Song. It Makes Me Feel Like, Invincible, Like, I Can Just Punch Something," he wrote. "Its No Beef Between Me And @chrisbrown. I Really Like That F---ing Song Tho, No Being Sarcastic."

Watch Chris Brown's 'Beautiful People'

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