A celebrity's stock usually takes a hit whenever their public image is tarnished. Chris Brown's image took a lot of those hits, but that didn't stop him from landing a new endorsement deal.

Brown recently partnered with Sprayground, a New York backpack company, to create a collection inspired by his vision. The singer's collaboration with Sprayground goes beyond just using his name as a selling device, according to Creative Director David Ben David.

"He's very creative on many different levels," Ben David shares. "He started to get into graffiti. He started to spray paint a lot, so he wanted to move his creativity to singing to now painting and drawing."

David's comment does coincide with the fact that 'X,' Brown's upcoming album, is supposed to be his last. Although that factor can increase hype for the album, Brown does have his notorious public image holding back his marketability. His last known incident involves an assault case stemming from an altercation outside a Washington, D.C., hotel, which subsequently caused him to enter rehab.

Ted Kingsbery, Shark Branding's business development director, reasons that Brown's fan base is loyal and large enough to offset any damages to his image.

"Chris Brown has a tremendous amount of sellability for his brand," Kingsbery says. "He has 16 million followers on Twitter. He's still selling tons of singles."

The crooner, who filmed a promotional video for the collection before he entered rehab, says he enjoys putting his creativity into something that everyone from kids to young adults use. "Everybody loves backpacks," Brown shares. "Being able to incorporate my style with it is great."

The Sprayground backpack created by Chris Brown will sell for about $100 and will go on sale next week.