Just when it looked like Chris Brown was moving on from his troubled past, he might have set himself back tremendously with one swift move of the hand.

At a Houston nightclub over the weekend, the singer shoved a female fan after she apparently tried to kiss him, TMZ reports. Brown performed at Limelight Houston and was walking through the crowd with girlfriend Karreuche Tran when the incident occurred.

In the short clip, a woman dressed in black places her hand on Brown's face and attempts to kiss him on the lips pretty forcefully. Immediately, the R&B star moves the woman out of his way by pushing her. However, Karreuche can't be seen in the clip.

Some may say the famous crooner was in the right by shoving the fan because he was protecting himself, while others could take the stance that he overreacted considering his run-ins with the law and domestic violence history.

On a lighter note, Breezy's 'X' album grabbed the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts last week. This achievement seems as if the crooner has returned to his former glory days, at least in terms of record sales.

The big question looming from this fan fiasco: Where was security?

Watch Chris Brown Shove a Fan