Chris Brown On Monday, singer Chris Brown joined Miley Cyrus and several other entertainers in canceling his Twitter account.

Brown caused some controversy last week over Twitter rants he launched at retail stores, namely Walmart, whom he claimed were "blackballing" his new album, 'Graffiti.' Though he has yet to state an official reason for deleting his account, he has hinted that it had caused him some trepidation in the past.

"Honestly, Twitter has done nothing but get me into trouble," Brown told MTV. "I would say Twitter is just a way for me to talk to my fans directly -- the people who actually support me and want to know who I am," he continued. "Like, I get a chance to talk to them or say little things on there sometimes that might be funny sometimes. I might be arguing with somebody on there like ... somebody might say something and I might say something back. But for the most part I get a chance to talk to fans and [say], 'Look, if you all didn't see this video, look at that, look at this.' Or I am always just having fun on there, so it's an interaction thing for me and my fans."

In addition to complaining about his alleged blackballing by retail stores, and tweeting that "the music industry can kiss my a--," Brown also got into hot water over an alleged Jay-Z slight, when he posted the word "cornball," as Jay gave his acceptance speech during the American Music Awards.

We'll see how long he lasts. 'Graffiti' is in (most) stores now.