Chris Brown is coming under fire again, but this time it's his neighbors that are fuming over his antics.

According to TMZ, the R&B crooner, who recently performed to an 18,000-person crowd for the 'Today' show, is the "neighbor from hell." Tenants residing at the same West Hollywood condos as Brown claim that he illegally parks his cars -- from a Range Rover to sleek sports cars -- in handicapped spots as well as plays loud music and races dogs in the hallways of the complex.

CB's lawyer, Mark Geragos, has revealed that in the deed to the condo, the two parking spots allotted to the singer are clearly his but at no time did the developer inform him they were reserved for the handicapped. Geragos claims Brown is in litigation with the building over the spaces.

The 'F.A.M.E.' creator, who released a third and fourth installment of his 'Real Hip-Hop S---' tracks, has received numerous tickets from Los Angeles officials for parking in the spaces. His fellow condo owners report that besides being ticketed, he parties "day and night" and vandalism on a elevator door bearing his initials "C.B." was discovered recently.