Chris Brown just released his album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, and he wants his fans to really support the album. Although he dropped the project on Tuesday (Oct. 31), the RIAA will only count three days towards its first week sales.

Brown went on his Instagram page to express his frustration over his album being track for only three days of sales. He wrote:

"So I’m hearing that I will only be credited for 3 days of sales for my first week," he writes. "DONT UNDERSTAND how that is...👀. Just like the 9 platinum plaques RIAA Just dropped out of the sky this year(not including the 3 that I just received for HOAFM singles). (10 platinums =[diamond]) .... FUCK IT, either way I’m thankful for the support."

Brown's Heartbreak album has a whopping 45 songs, which is a hefty track list to listen through. But according to Washington Post, having so many songs on the album may not have been an artistic decision but rather a business move on Brown's part.

With Brown overstuffing his album with so many songs, the project has a better shot of climbing up the charts. Artists and the record labels desperately want to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and to have their albums certified multiplatinum. It helps with booking larger venues and selling merchandise.

Nevertheless, Chris Brown's Heartbreak album fails to adopt the old adage of "quality over quantity." Several critics have said that Breezy's project is bloated and advised fans to not sit through 2 hours and 40 minutes of music.

We'll have to see where Chris Brown ends up on the Billboard charts next week. Good luck.

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