Time heals all wounds as the old adage goes, and in Chris Brown's case, he's experiencing a speedy recovery. The singer has officially left rehab after a mere two weeks in.

TMZ reports Brown had to leave the Malibu rehab facility Thursday (Nov. 14) to begin community service requirements regarding his 2009 Rihanna assault case. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, informed the public of his client's departure.

The new required community service work comes as a result of a judge dismissing Brown's claim that he completed his assignment. The 'X' creator must put in hours all over again.

According to Geragos, Brown will continue outpatient therapy. The entertainer, who was spotted outside of a Los Angeles nightclub last night, was asked by a photographer if he found God in rehab. "I've always had God," the 24-year-old replied.

Brown seems to be starting anew in other areas of his life as well. He's reportedly selling his Hollywood Hills home to head to Malibu. The $1.5 million pad is the same one he tagged up with graffiti, causing an uproar in the neighborhood, which subsequently earned him a citation from the City of L.A. The 'Fine China' crooner has apparently placed an offer on a house in Malibu that sits in a gated community where other high-profile celebrities live.