Hot off Chris Brown's mixtape 'Boy in Detention,' the Bieber-featured Breezy song 'Ladies Love Me' shows no shame in revealing the boys' damsel-snagging image. It's a bit rowdier than the young duo's previous collaboration 'Next 2 U.' Rapping Justin Bieber -- oh pardon, Shawty Mane -- is back.

Sampling his own 'Look at Me Now' beat, Chris Brown stars off the rhyme with "My bad, I'm sorry I'm double parked. That's my Bugatti." Hmm, could he be referring to his illegal parking incident wherein he sweet-talked his way out of a parking ticket? Or, perhaps, the recent allegations by his neighbors that he's a notoriously bad parker?

Meanwhile, seems like Shawty has practiced his flow since he dropped his 'Speaking in Tongues' freestyle awhile back. Now he feels confident enough to brag that he's got "swag like Patrick Swayze."

Too soon to tell if Justin Bieber got the skills it takes to get in the rap game. What do you think of the track?

Listen to Justin Bieber and Chris Brown's 'Ladies Love Me'

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