Apparently for some of us (Chris Brown and his Canadian cohort Justin Bieber) the rapture just isn't quite over yet. In Brown's newest leaked video for 'Next 2 You' (thanks to Popdust), the freshly-died-blond dancing fiend shows his lady how to do the running-man and how easy it is for him to do a handstand.

Bieber is busy hanging out on the top of an apartment building where he meets up with his forbidden lover -- a girl that has quite a few daddy issues. Then, without warning, the rapture strikes. The duo begin trading vocal duties among rooftops and the smoldering ruins of the apocalypse, followed by an impressive dance-off.

At over seven minutes, Breezy's newest clip plays out like a feature-film trailer, compared to his last video, 'Should've Kissed You', where the heavily tattooed singer just chills on the beach. Check out the very rough cut of 'Next 2 You' below.