Just when you thought Chris Brown's troubles in the Philippines were over, think again. It looks like Breezy is still in Manila and the worst part: he really doesn't know why he's still there.

The "Ayo" singer has reportedly been stuck in Manila, Philippines since Wednesday (July 22) after he was prevented from leaving following a show on Tuesday (July 21). "He is still in the country," immigration bureau spokeswoman Elaine Tan told the AP (via CBS News). She added that Chris hasn't applied for the emigration clearance to leave the Philippines.

While we're not sure why he still can't leave the country, Chris did share his thoughts about the situation in a couple of videos on Instagram. One video (seen above) shows him kneeling down and praying for someone to get him out of there with the caption, "OBAMA." His begging and pleading, combined with the flips, look like he's losing his mind in his hotel room.

Then in another video, he does a humorous recap of how his trip through customs went and included a few dance moves like the worm and the whip, which you can see below.

As The Boombox previously reported, the X creator ran into some legal problems when the the Philippine Department of Justice ordered him not to leave the country following his show on July 22. This is due to the fact he missed a scheduled performance in the country on New Year's Eve in 2014.

Unfortunately, he lost his passport and couldn't fly to the Philippines. Now Maligaya Development Corp. says that he owes them money. Maligaya is the organization that operates the Philippine Arena and is run by the politically influential religious group Iglesia ni Cristo. They filed a fraud complaint against the R&B singer.

According to a copy of the complaint obtained by the AP, Chris and John Michael Pio Roda, his Canadian promoter, "swindled MDC through their fraudulent acts, including false promises that Brown would perform at the concert."

The complaint also reports that tickets to the show were already sold and the NYE gig itself was worth $1,006,250. Breezy and his promoter were allegedly paid in full.

"It was a misunderstanding that has since been cleared up," said Nicole Perna, a spokeswoman for the entertainer. "Chris leaves tomorrow for Hong Kong to continue his planned performances."

But the immigration bureau reps said that "a lookout bulletin" alone can't stop Chris from leaving Manila. The Justice Department tells the bureau to "take prudent steps to verify on the status of the criminal case against the subjects."

"If the concerned agency raises no objection to the departure, then we will allow the subject to leave," Tan told the AP.

We wish Chris the best of luck and are glad that he can at least post on Instagram to show us he's doing okay.

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