Chris Brown has seen his fair share of courtrooms lately, so after celebrating his dropped hit-and-run charges in Hollywood last night CB had no problem telling TMZ he was going to buy his lawyer a Lamborghini for all his hard work.

TMZ found the R&B pop star exiting Hollywood's Hooray Henry's nightclub after reaching a "civil compromise" with his hit-and-run accuser and couldn't resist the urge to ask, "How does it feel to have that hit-and-run charge dropped?" After hearing "It feels great," everyone's favorite media source wanted to know how Breezy was going to repay his lawyer, Mark Geragos, for helping him escape jail time had he been convicted of the felony charges. With no hesitation, Brown pointed to his one-of-a-kind Orange Lamborghini and said, "I'm gonna get him one of these."

According to CNN, "it's not clear if the dismissal [will] stop the revocation of Brown's probation he has faced since the traffic charges were filed last month," and the judge is still holding Brown accountable for incomplete community labor hours ordered after his domestic violence incident. The dropped traffic charges seem to be a small feat in what is left to come in CB's legal world. But there is one thing for sure: being a big budget entertainment lawyer pays off in more ways than one.