The style authorities at British GQ Magazine have just burned Breezy, big time. Chris Brown has been crowned "Worst-Dressed Man 2012" for all his prior under-accomplishments. The publication goes on to point out that despite the R&B star's disposable income, he really should have been "investing in tailoring" and not going on spending sprees, to come out donning "unflattering" get-ups.

What do you think? How many well-tailored suits could Breezy buy with, say, the $15,000 he spent on strippers with Bow Wow last year? Is GQ just not getting his style? Check out The BoomBox's photo gallery of Breezy's best -- or worst -- looks, and be the judge.


Watch Chris Brown in the 'Think Like a Man' Trailer

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Watch These Stars 'Think Like a Man'

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