On Tuesday morning (March 22), embattled R&B singer Chris Brown cut short an interview with 'Good Morning America' and proceeded to go behind-the-scenes, break a window and storm out of ABC studios shirtless after scaring employees. The tantrum, which started after host Robin Roberts pursued a line of questioning about Rihanna and wouldn't give up, could put Brown in violation of parole statutes received after physically assaulting the pop star back in 2009.

TMZ is reporting that Brown, post-interview, completely freaked out and began screaming so loud that hair and makeup people called security for fear of public safety. ABC security revealed Brown then smashed a window with a chair that subsequently shattered over 43rd St. and Broadway in New York City. Sources in midtown Manhattan confirm shattered glass is currently still visible.

After that outburst, security approached Brown, who had ripped his own shirt off and subsequently left the building shirtless after getting in the face of a line producer and staring him down. The singer was due to perform another song for ABC's website prior to the tantrum.

Brown has come a long way in repairing his public image since the incident with Rihanna, yet social networking sites like Twitter are already beginning to amass messages saying that the anger contained in the singer's outburst is a worrisome reminder of what sent him over the edge that night.

While this story is still breaking, we're willing to wager that Brown's goal of selling a million copies of 'F.A.M.E.' just went out the window as well.

Watch Chris Brown's Interview on 'Good Morning America'