Chris Brown has found himself in the midst of controversy yet again, this time after he was threatened with a parking ticket. According to TMZ, C-Breezy had parked his hot set of wheels illegally and was in the process of sweet-talking a female police officer into letting him off easy -- which succeeded.

However, after Chris was cleared by the meter maid, he dropped several racially insensitive and homophobic slurs at the cameramen around him and accused the present law enforcement of calling the paparazzi.

Reportedly, Brown said, "Y'all n----- is weak. Did you all call them to try and film me? Y'ALL N----- IS GAY [sic]."

No word on what exactly Brown was up to, but between breaking windows and dropping gay slurs on camera it seems that getting a parking ticket would've been a better choice. Click over to TMZ to watch the video of his rant.

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