If Chris Brown was a superhero, the video for "Fine by Me" would serve as his origin story.

His latest visual picks up after "Zero" where Breezy tells his homies that he's going back to see his girl despite their taunts towards the guy who they thought didn't "give no f----." As the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer starts to head home, he spots a mysterious woman who lures him down an alley and inside an abandon building.

It ends up leading him to a dark room where a red neon sign reads "Change into this." A glowing white shirt and black sweatpants hangs below it. Breezy looks around in wonder but curiosity gets the better of him as he sees the outfit and starts to strip his clothes off.

"Welcome Chris, I knew you'd take the bait," says an unknown man in a video screen. "Remember this girl, the drink she gave you had more than just a kick in it. Do you feel different? Change in your speed perhaps? A heightened sense of awareness." (It's the girl from his visual for "Liquor" who drugs him.)

Apparently, the evil guy needs Brown's blood and he hires a few baddies to get it from him. The first contender comes to fight Brown but it seems he's got a few new tricks up his sleeve like super speed and super strength. The 26-year-old singer takes down the next few adversaries with his newfound fighting skills as the song plays on.

"Fine By Me" is definitely a club-ready banger and delivers some fun sounds. Breezy channels Michael Jackson for some impressive dance moves as well and hits a few high notes.

Check out Chris Brown delivering some hellish fades to the bad guys above.

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