We don't yet have the backstory -- pun very much intended -- but Monday afternoon (April 2), Chris Brown tweeted an Instragram photo -- view below -- of five bare-bottomed ladies proudly displaying the words "Breezy #1" across their cheeks. The hashtag, naturally enough, is #IAMKING.

The image raises many questions. Does Brown's post amount to harmless bragging, or is this yet another example of the controversial singer and convicted abuser degrading women? Granted, these female superfans willingly dropped trou to show their fondness for the R&B star, but did they figure he'd post the NSFW snap for all 9,295,733 of his followers to see?

Also, who did the writing? Was it Brown himself? The penmanship is quite impressive, given the curved surfaces and amount of giddy dumb-girl jumping that undoubtedly accompanied the inking. Hats off to the person with the Sharpie. Pants back on, everyone else.

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