What allegedly started in the W.i.P. nightclub has now made its way to record, as Chris Brown has released a diss track aimed at Drake, TMZ reports. Joining rapper Game on a remix of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" beat -- available for download via djorator.com -- Breezy, takes several shots at Drizzy and even references the this month's infamous New York City brawl, boasting, "They throwing bottles / I'm throwing models."

"One on one, what you scared, bruh? / Huh, matter of fact, Take Care, bruh," Brown raps, apparently referencing the title of Drake's second album. "You're a pussy n---a."

Later, he takes aim at the Toronto MC's appearance.

"Them eyebrows, man them shits is yikes!" he spits.

Drake now has two options: Accept $9 million to fight Brown in Las Vegas or record a diss track of his own. Or both.

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