A R&Beef appears to brewing between two former collaborators. Chris Brown recently clapped back at singer-songwriter Kevin McCall for airing out some of their business-related issues via social media.

McCall, who has worked with Breezy on a number of songs including “Deuces,” went to Twitter to address a business matter they needed to handle ASAP. A private phone call by McCall would have probably sufficed in this matter, but we digress.

When #TeamBreezy interceded for Brown, McCall instructed them to stop supporting his music and mind their own business.

That’s when Brown jumped on Instagram and let his fingers do the talking. The “Back to Sleep” singer gave McCall a thorough lashing; disrespectfully calling him arrogant and broke -- among other things.

“N----s be in they feelings sneak dissing because they f---ed up they life being too f---ing arrogant and then nobody wanted to work with you Kevin,” he wrote. “The label dropped you because you thought you were a better producer and writer than the n---- you are today.”

“You lose passion and hunger over money and flexing when u aint got it,” he added. “You better check them loose lips for I show U the real devil my n----.”

Brown also made sure to let him know he wasn’t a punk and that he's ready to scrap in the streets if need be. "I think you should rethink poking a lion. Ima king n----. You a bitch."

McCall hasn't responded to Brown, but he has been posting music on his Instagram page to remind people that he once wrote hits for Breezy and that he's still a capable R&B singer.

Hopefully, these two artists can reach an agreement and go their separate ways. Two talented singers shouldn't be gang-banging on social media. It's so unprofessional. We're just saying.

You can read the mess the below.

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