Chris Brown's personal life -- more of the tribulations than triumphs -- has played out before us over the last few years. Now that he's a recently freed man, the singer's daily activities could very will hit the TV screen in a new reality.

BET is eager to air a show that would document the R&B star's life after jail, TMZ reports. However, the first step is trying to get Breezy to sign to a production company and agree to do the show.

Recently, the cable network held a focus group in California consisting of African-American females. The focus group would determine whether people would watch the show or not. According to those in the group, many would watch the show but only to witness if Brown failed and returned to a life of violence and drugs.

Earlier this week, Brown rejected a plea deal stemming from his ongoing Washington, D.C., assault case. The 'Loyal' crooner didn't feel comfortable admitting guilt, which was part of the agreement. The next hearing to determine further steps in the case will be on Sept 8.