The close of 2014 has been eventful for Childish Gambino, as he recently scored two Grammy nominations for his album, 'Because the Internet,' and now he's starring in a television series pilot.

According to Deadline, the potential show is titled 'Atlanta.' The proposed series will star the eclectic rhymer as a budding rapper named Earnest "Earn' Marks who nixed his college pursuits to chase a rap career, shortly after his cousin hits it big as a rapper.

The two cousins also have opposing views about what rap should be, as one believes its more about the money and the other the art. Gambino is also executive producing the pilot along with Dianee MccGunigle and Paul Simms of HBO's 'Girls.'

If the show gets picked up, it'll be on the cable network FX, but no word yet on when the show will officially air.

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