Fresh off dropping the Kanye West-produced '40 Mil,' Tyga returns with another collaboration, 'Now & Later' featuring Chief Keef.

On the sing-songy cut, the California native talks about balling out with a new woman "on a daily basis" and not letting his heart get too wrapped up in a relationship. Some might say the words are directed at his former flame and baby's mother, Black Chyna.

"Got to king me / Cartier rings on my pinky / I f---ed that bitch like she was Pinky / Then I'm getting brain on the plane, jet sized with a big flame / Hold your horses we crossing borders, poppin' pills she used to wilin'," spits Tyga, over a slow paced track that could easily use harder drum sounds.

And to give the song a little extra grit, Chief Keef uses his gruffy vocals for the hook, which is a bunch of inaudible words dressed in Auto-Tune. The dreadlocked rhymer uses more or less the same delivery that he used on Kanye West's 'Hold My Liquor,' but it doesn't sound as slick since West is known for making ordinary vocals sound extraordinary.

But if you're a fan of either Keef or Tyga, this track should suit you just fine. 'Now & Later' will appear on the Chicago native's upcoming mixtape, 'Thot Breaker.'

Listen to Chief Keef & Tyga's 'Now & Later'