If Young Money is preventing Tyga from dropping his new album, this song should convince them that he's ready to go. The disgruntled YMCMB artist released a grandiose trap banger called '40 Mill,' which was produced by Kanye West and Mike Dean.

Over bombastic horns and eerie synths, Tyga gives his mission statement for 2014.

"I don't want to be famous / I just wanna be rich / 40 mill with some acres, makeup for my bitch / I don't f--- with these n----s, stop pretending and s---," he raps.

Elsewhere, the L.A. representative raps cautionary verses to his foes that he's not someone you want to mess with.

"Flip a finger, middle finger, let them know that I'm dangerous / All my n----s bangers, chubby-riding swingers / And my bitch will fight ya, Hilary Swank ya / Take your bitch, we ain't even swingas / N----, try your luck, think it's all entertainment / You all in arraignment, snitchin' to the plaintiff
 / Who, what, where? My n----s stay nameless," he spits.

This is clearly fight music and Tyga is ready to punch his way out of room full of greedy vultures (i.e., music executives).

"They love big bitches ... but this broke s--- has got to stop," says Mark Wahlberg in a soundbite from the dark comedy 'Pain & Gain,' which appears on the song.

It looks like the 'Rack City' rapper is ready to stack his chips with or without Young Money.

Hear Tyga roar on this boisterous track.

Listen to Tyga's '40 Mill' Song Produced by Kanye West