Chief Keef's penchant for drugs has landed him in legal trouble once again.

"Damn I hate being sober. I'm a smoker," he raps on his song 'Hate Bein' Sober.' And that's the truth. Fresh from his 90-day stint in rehab for weed, the 'Love Sosa' rapper was arrested for DUI in his native Illinois on March 5.

TMZ reports that Keef was pulled over in Highland Park, Illinois after cops saw he had expired tags on his 2010 Jeep Cherokee. According to sources, officers smelled marijuana when they approached his car and Keef apparently admitted to smoking before driving. Keef failed his field sobriety test and was also charged with having a suspended license and no proof of insurance. The rapper was placed under arrest and later released after posting $300 bail.

He was out of rehab just two weeks before this arrest.

Keef has openly blasted his stay in rehab in his latest single 'F--- Rehab.' “Bitch I be smoking, what you mean?” he asks. “F--- rehab. Rehab make me laugh. I rather be in jail!”

After rehab, the rhymer was spotted smoking weed on Instagram.