After spending some 90 days in court-ordered rehab for failing a drug test, Chief Keef has some choice words about his experience. The rapper drops the aptly-titled 'F--- Rehab' video today.

In the visual, the rapper is forcibly sent to rehab and he is not a happy camper. "Bitch I be smoking, what you mean?" he asks. "F--- rehab. Rehab make me laugh," he raps. "I rather be in jail!"

'F--- Rehab' is the Chicago native's new song from his forthcoming album, 'Bang 3.'

Unlike the video, Keef's real experience in rehab was more beachy. He invited Billboard to visit him at Wavelengths Recovery, a private sober-living home at an undisclosed Orange County location.

While there, he was visited by stars like Denzel Washington and took surfing lessons from pro surfer Makua Rothman. Still, he was ready to leave. "I ain't going to miss Orange County -- I feel like I'm going to die in this motherf---er," he said.