In a recent interview with SingersRoom, Cassie discussed her recent single "King of Hearts," her lengthy break from music and the reason she didn't work with former flame Ryan Leslie on her new album.

"I definitely never considered retiring," Cassie explained, regarding the six year gap between her upcoming LP and her debut. "I always think it's funny when artists say they're retiring because we're all under the age of like 30. I've always kept doing it, even when I decided I wanted to make another album, I was constantly in the studio ... just working on myself and myself as an artist. It's a constant process and evolving takes time. I never felt like I wanted to throw in the towel ... I was always working!"

When asked whether former collaborator-boyfriend Ryan Leslie would be appearing on the album, Cassie demurred, citing conflicting schedules as the reason she's flying solo.

"We definitely met up and tried to get together and stuff like that but the schedules just never matched up," the "Me & U" singer explained. "But I like working with different people and learning from different people and writers, producers and stuff like that; it's really fun. My ear has grown a lot too because I really kind of had to fend for myself in a way."

Cassie also made an appearance on N.O.R.E.'s hilariously titled new mixtape Crack on Steroids, lending her vocals to a thug love anthem entitled "Baby Girl," which you can check out here.

Watch Cassie's "King of Hearts" Video
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