Cash Money CEOs Bryan "Baby" and Ronald "Slim" Williams have announced new plans to expand their enterprises far beyond the hip-hop world. The New Orleans brothers will try their hands in the oil business with their new, independent company, Bronald Oil & Gas. The pair offered up a mission statement via their website explaining that their primary goal is to identify and develop new oil and gas initiatives.

Bronald -- a combination of the brother's first names -- has already begun the process of investigating ideal locations both internationally and on U.S. soil for constructing new oil and gas outlets. Current targets include Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Central America.

To prove that they mean business, the company has made clear its plans to combine resources with private investors, as well as the government, on their new project. Bronald also explained that in addition to new, ambitious, endeavors they planned to follow government regulations which aim to protect the environment. In their public mission statement, Baby and Slim outlined plans to develop new cost-effective technologies that would extend the life of existing oil reserves in addition to forming strong partnerships and attempting new "developmental drilling opportunities."

Baby's recent tattoo, an oil rig embedded with the words "Bronald" must be a testament to the duo's dedication to their newest venture.

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