Now that Cardi B is chart-topping, newly-engaged rapper, she has to watch her image a little more carefully. The “Bodak Yellow” went on her Instagram page to inform her fans that she’s going to be a better example to young girls.

In the funny clip above, the Bronx rapper was amazed at so many little girls looking up to her. It was then she had an epiphany to be a positive example to her “wittle ones.” However, Cardi admits that it’s hard to be PG-13 when the haters come for her on social media.

"But I'm going to change for you little-ass girls 'cause I deadass love ya," she said.

Meanwhile, Cardi B is still on cloud 9 over her recent engagement to Migos rapper Offset. As you can see in the video above, she can't stop showing off her gorgeous 8-carat diamond ring.

“I’m excited because I feel like I’m locked in. He’s locked in. That I don’t gotta worry about ‘hmm, is he fucking somebody else?’” she recently told Time. “He’s my man and I know that he’s mine and he’s committing to me and I’m committing to him. I’m ready to be with this man. Forever. That’s why I’m getting married because I want it to be forever."

You can currently hear Cardi B on Migos' latest single, "Motor Sport" featuring Nicki Minaj who insists that she doesn't have beef with Cardi.

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