Cardi B is really having a bad weekend. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper was kicked out of her hotel in Albany, N.Y., early Sunday morning (Oct. 22).

According to TMZ, Cardi was staying at the Hilton Albany when cops came knocking on her door after staffers complained about noise and the smell of weed smoke coming from her floor. Apparently, things escalated when Cardi was woken from her slumber and she was ordered to leave.

In the video above you can see a pissed off Cardi B call someone a “racist motherfucker” as she storms out of the hotel with her crew. She even told one of her handlers not to touch her as he tries to calm her down.

Later in the afternoon, Cardi posted several videos on her Instagram account explaining her side of the story. The 25-year-old rapper said she was booted out for weed even though she and her entourage doesn’t smoke weed at all. Cardi feels that she and her crew were targeted because they were people of color. She also accuses the city of Albany of being racist and now feels she has experienced it first hand. "Shit got me tight," she wrote.

Earlier Saturday night (Oct. 21), it also appeared that she broke up with her boyfriend Offset but then said she had overreacted. Overall, it was a tough weekend for the Bronx rapper.

Check out Cardi B's video messages below.

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