Cap 1's new video for the song 'Anywhere' details just how skilled the rapper is at making deliveries, and it's safe to assume he's not shipping furniture.

The Steven C. Pitts-directed visuals showcase the Chicago native with a duffle bag in hand, conducting business in various places, and he's making tons of cash while doing it.

The song features 2 Chainz and OJ Da Juiceman, who both make appearances in the video. The three travel with beautiful women dropping off product, while rapping about how skilled they are at serving the streets. Cap also explains why he's such a relentless hustler.

"Got a plug, I can get it anywhere / 'Fore noon next day I get it there / Got a show a bunch of dough n---- want 100 cold, tryna book a show / If he wants the other then he was front row / Real money in, yes, tomorrow I'm gonna blow / Looking like a picture standing next to a stove," spits the 2 Chainz affiliate.

Most of the clip is uniquely shot from inside of a duffle bag, which gives the viewer a different angle to watch the rappers spit their verses and drop off their goods.

The Chill Go Hard-produced song debuted back in March, and is one of the stronger cuts on Cap's and OJ Da Juiceman's 'Clock Werk' mixtape.

Listen to Cap 1 & OJ Da Juiceman's 'Clock Werk' Mixtape

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