C-MurderIncarcerated rapper Corey "C-Murder" Miller is currently battling some nasty rumors in the hip-hop community while his lawyers scramble to put together a new court appeal. The New Orleans native is serving a life sentence based on charges stemming from a 2002 shooting incident, but he can't seem to keep his name out of trouble.

This week Miller lashed out against Rich Boyz member Young Trump, who recently appeared on Streetz Disciplez Radio where he claimed that he was C-Murder's son. During the interview, Trump discussed C-Murder's life sentence, while he aired out his personal issues with fellow artists Yung Berg, Sean Kingston and Bow Wow.

C-Murder, who apparently got wind of the news quickly, issued a statement to AllHipHop condemning Young Trump for lying about being his son and dragging his name into beef while he was actively working on an appeal to shorten his prison sentence. "Young Trump is not my son, he is my little cousin," C-Murder said. "For me personally, he's young at this, so the beefs he's into are something I do not support. For him to be saying I'm his pops and then disrespect Bow Wow's mother like that ... I don't get down like that."

Miller said that Trump's comments have created a whirlwind of controversy around his name, although he doesn't support any of the statements made. "I don't want my name thrown out there with this," he said. "I wouldn't never dis anyone's mama and I don't appreciate it being put out there. Let me let people know what level I'm on. I aint got one enemy in the industry. I don't believe in enemies and I don't believe in beef. That's my cousin and I love him, but I don't agree with what he's saying."

C-Murder was convicted of the murder of Steve Thomas in 2003 and hit with a mandatory life sentence. His conviction was overturned in 2006 after tampering from the prosecution, but he was convicted for a second time in August 2009. After the trial, a juror claimed that she was pressured into making her decision, giving Miller and his team grounds for another appeal.

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