Busta Rhymes recently recalled battling a young Jay-Z in their high school cafeteria, and coming to the conclusion that Jiggaman was a scientist. "One day, somebody came up to me and was like, 'Yo, Hov is in the cafeteria. They weren't calling him Hov at the time; they were calling him Jay. 'Do you want to step to him on some rhyme sh-t?' So I go. At the time, when we were rhyming, it was speed rap. That was the thing to do. I knew how to freak it, and he knew how to freak it. And at the time, he was so ill, 'cause of the people he was with at the time, Jaz-O and them, it was their thing [that style]. He kind of got the best of the situation. I got to give it up. He was so ill and his arsenal was so long that he had more than what I did. I spit my one rap, and my tank was empty real fast. He came with two or three after that, and I was like, 'Here we go.' But I gave it my best. That was probably the fist time that I lost a battle that mattered. [Jay-Z] always exemplified greatness as an MC. He was a scientist with it." With an arsenal that long, he must be at least some kind of doctor. [MTV]

Rihanna dyed her hair red, because you know what they say about redheads. "Redheads have the most fun! And redheads have the most work too," she revealed, in an interview with London's 95.8 Capital FM. "I get bored quickly, but right now I'm loving [my hair] and I'll probably change it up really soon, probably the cut or the style, probably not the color though 'cause you have to be really careful with changing your color so often." That's funny, we always heard redheads had no soul. [Rap-Up]