R&B sensation Bryson Tiller recently released his long-awaited video for his fan-favorite song, "Exchange."

In the visual, Tiller's ex-girlfriend picks up a photo book that he left on her doorstep which has pictures of them together during much happier times. We then see the Louisville singer-songwriter reflect on his true feelings about his former love as the video intercuts with past and present moments between the two.

The video ends with the pair meeting at a hilltop where they embrace behind a romantic backdrop of the night sky.

Meanwhile, outside of the video, Tiller may have teased his next project called "She’s Got My Soul." The TRAPSOUL creator celebrated Memorial Day by jumping on his Instagram account to announce his project in an artistic visual.

He actually sings “you got my soul” in the lyrics of "Exchange" so we’re wondering if this is the future title of a new follow-up song in the same vein as his love ballad. Regardless, we love Tiller’s youthful yet soulful sound. And his album, TRAPSOUL, has had massive success going platinum a month ago.

The 23-year-old singer also revealed what seems to be his alter ego Pen Affleck scrolled across a theatre headline in bright lights. The name seems to be play on words with the name Pen Griffey, which is one of Bryson’s aliases and a play off Ken Griffey Jr., the retired baseball star.

Watch Bryson Tiller's "Exchange" video above and peep his Instagram photo below.