What a difference 14 years make. Back in 1998, Brandy and Monica went head to head on 'The Boy Is Mine,' their chart-topping hit about two gals competing for one (very lucky) dude's affections. Now, we finally have the sequel, 'It All Belongs to Me," and the R&B divas are rivals no longer. They've been burned by their fellas, and they they're not shy about showing some sisterly solidarity and standing up for themselves.

"You must be tripping/ You must be crazy/ To think I'm gonna let you off that easy," they sing, later telling their men-folk to give back all the fancy stuff -- including their Macbooks -- they bought for them.

"It's a very soulful R&B song with pop sensibilities," producer Rico Love told Rap-Up.com. "I wanted to make sure I made it a classic R&B record, but I definitely wanted to make sure that it had enough appeal to cross over and become a Top 40 record."

While collaborations between singers sometimes lead to ego battles and bad blood, Brandy told Rap-Up that she was thrilled to get back in the studio with her former duet partner.

"This business is all about competition," she said. "They forgot about what is the most important, which is two talents coming together. It's just great to come back and do something with [Monica]. This is definitely a blessing."

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