Boosie Badazz is having a real financial crisis right now. Apparently, a crafty thief stole $469,000 from his banking account and he blames Capital One Bank.

On Friday (July 15), the rap vet jumped on his Instagram page to voice his frustration with Capital One Bank in New Orleans for refusing to help him retrieving nearly half a million dollars. The 33-year-old rapper claims that Capital One Bank in New Orleans were unprofessional and disrespectful to him when he asked for assistance in retrieving his hard-earned money.

"(Don't bank at Capital one) Capital has let someone commit fraud on my account of 469k," he writes. When this first happen I went to the banks months str8 asking questions, filing reports, meeting with officers etc. n every time I was givin a bunch of lies n bullshit."

"They was very unprofessional n ignorant towards me when I was just tryin to get my legally earned money back. [I] waited on calls from investigators n got not one dam call," he added. "This is the worst bank in the world do not bank with these people. A year passed n I was told I was denied on getting my money back. Then when my attorneys tried to get this matter in court they said it was to late to have a civil case n get my money back. basically they r saying (In street terms) f--- u we jacked u out a half -a million dollars n that is total disrespect."

Boosie goes on to warn his followers to not bank at Capital One Bank. He ended his missive with this statement, "To the heads of capital one banks u need to fix this n fix this ASAP. Wrong is wrong. Pay me my s---."

We hope that Boosie can get his money back. $469,000 is a lot of money to say goodbye to.

Reps for Capital One Bank had no comment on the matter.