Can you imagine being the hottest artist of your time and have nothing to show for it years later? Well, it happens way too often to those in the spotlight. Comedian Kevin Hart said it best: "Stay in your financial lane!" This can easily be applied to those working that daily 9-to-5 grind, but can be difficult for many celebrities making millions a year to follow.

We hear unfortunate “Where are they now” stories about rappers and singers hitting rock bottom when it comes to their finances more often than not. Despite their reported net worth being massive in previous years, they've fallen hard. But they've also managed to pick themselves back up after paying up or doing time behind bars. From tax evasion and credit scams to child support or just being straight up broke, artists like MC Hammer, Lauryn Hill and DMX have made headlines about their asset issues and it’s not like they’re oblivious to the consequences.

Don't fret about what you owe on your taxes or the money you still have to pay Uncle Sam for those school loans because these artists have had it way worse. Just know that you're not alone. Check out 10 Rappers With Major Money Problems Over the Years.

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