Boosie Badazz has been dropping some strong material in the lead up to the release of his forthcoming Boopac album. A little over a week ago, he delivered the single "God Wants Me to Ball," and now he's back with the very powerful "America's Most Wanted."

In the video for the new cut, the 35-year-old heads back to prison and speaks candidly about being charged for first degree murder in 2012.

"Snipers on the roof at my trial / Prosecutor telling the jury he need to die / Attempts but if you talking attempts then you a liar / On top of that Warner Brothers told my bye / Man, they really tried to burn me / Say I had a bag of money on the district attorney," Boosie raps.

Overall, the clip is pretty straightforward and only shows the Baton Rouge rapper living the prison life. Some might say the grittiness of the video fits the serious nature of the song perfectly.

Undoubtedly, Boosie knows first hand about dealing with a criminal justice system that can often be harsh and unfair to black people. That's why it made sense for a TMZ reporter to ask him about Meek Mill, who was recently locked up for 2-4 years on probation violation.

“He ain’t got nothing but two years," said Boosie about Meek. "He’ll probably do like 10 months over that. N----, that ain’t sh--. Lay back on that, get fat. Then come back and be richer than he was. Ya'll making a big deal over this sh-- ...Once you a street n----a, you can handle that.  It ain’t no motherf----- dime. He not going to do 10 years, even though it was some bullsh-- they got him on. He gon' be back even stronger… He’ll be richer when he comes back than he was his whole career.”

You can peep Boosie's new video above.

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