The hip-hop fan's cup runneth over with emo rappers, swag rappers, two-dimensional trap rappers and artsy-fartsy rappers but if you're like us you long for the days of good ol' ign'ant gangsta rappers. Enter Boldy James. Hailing from Detroit, James is like the Great Lakes' answer to Mobb Deep's Prodigy (circa '96-99). In his distinctive Detroit drawl he makes death threats, tells tales of drug hustlin' and gun bustin'--all tinged with a bit of introspection that makes him more character than caricature.

While we anticipate his upcoming Alchemist-produced album 'M1CS (My 1st Chemistry Set)' we get another sample of what's to come with his latest song 'Reform School' featuring his fellow Rap Camp collaborators Odd Future's Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt alongside Yamborghini Records' rep Da$h. The result is a gritty posse cut the takes us inside the dark recesses of Boldy, Earl and Da$h's minds over ALC's moody piano-loop driven track. Listen to it above.


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