Six-time Grammy Award-winning rap group the Black Eyed Peas have announced that their charitable organization, the Peapod Foundation, will be opening an East Coast music and video production school, offering teens the opportunity to take classes and work with professional-quality equipment.

Entering the second year of their partnership with the Adobe Foundation -- the philanthropic arm of software company Adobe Systems Inc. -- the Peas will open a New York branch of their Peapod Adobe Youth Voices music and multimedia academy in downtown Manhattan. The two foundations have already opened three such academies in Los Angeles, Oakland and Redwood City, Calif., providing students with the opportunity to learn multimedia and performing arts skills and encourage their artistic expression and digital literacy.

The Adobe Youth Voices, Peapod Academy in New York will be located at 21 Howard St., housed in a building operated by Urban Arts Partnership, and will begin holding classes in July.

"Our passion for music and media was fueled by many generous people on our road to success," BEP frontman explained. "Expanding the network of Peapod Adobe Youth Voices academies enables us to pay it forward, giving more youth the skills and encouragement they need to realize their dreams."

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