While MTV's reality show 'Jersey Shore' continues to be a ratings grabber, one of its stars, Vinny Guadagnino, has decided to branch out from television to music. The 22-year-old recently tried his hand at remaking Wiz Khalifa's hit 'Black and Yellow,' Jersey style.

Adding his own spin on the lyrics, and renaming it 'Black and Guido,' the youngest member of the 'Jersey Shore' clan expresses his excitement over dating a black woman, while rapping about his fondness for her derriere. "Uh huh, you know what it is/ Black and Guido, Black and Guido, Black and Guido," goes the chorus mimicking the original lyrics. "You know what it is, I met a black girl and her booty big ... Now I'm taken, when you see us on the block, honey stop hating."

Guadagnino's rhyme goes from playful to raunchy as he infuses a few dance moves into the performance, which is set in a living room. "She was a black girl with a butt round/ I met her at a store, gave me a discount/ She said, 'Ay, can't you see that my skin brown?'/ I said, 'Ay, don't make me pull my d--- out."

Guadagninoís also commissions a few of his friends, and a pit bull, to join in on the fun as he continues his musical commentary on interracial relationships, even shouting out singer Ciara, and actress Kerry Washington as two of his favorites. "Got a call from my shorty, this just in, said she got a baby cooking in the oven/ Half black and half guido, I can tell he's gonna be a hero like Denzel or Al Pacino."

The video has already garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube, which is not a surprise judging by the popularity of the show that has catapulted Guadagnino and the rest of the cast into the throws of fame. Premiering Jan. 6, the third season of 'Jersey Shore' boasted an impressive 8.45 million viewers, becoming the most watched show in the network's history.

Watch Vinny's 'Black and Guido'

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