Bizzy Bone of the legendary Cleveland hip-hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is very close to closing on a deal with Cash Money Records. claims the deal will be for at least one solo album, but it could very well encompass more if things work out.

Bizzy last appeared on 'Uni-5: The World's Enemy' -- the most recent Bone Thugs album, which was much-maligned for many release delays. He was all set to play shows with the reunited group, but then pulled out because the money wasn't where he wanted it to be.

"He has other obligations and we had a difference of opinion on how much we should get for this tour," Layzie Bone told in March of 2010 "We looked at it like promo tour, he looked at it a little differently, which is cool, because his arrangement doesn't require him to be there. He's still a 1/5th member of Bone. We been together for 18 years now. We are all grown men, so we all have different arrangements within the Bone structure. The main thing about it, we don't ever give up."

Bizzy, who has a history of alcoholism and mental health problems, refutes Layzie's claims. He says that Bone never came close to even discussing an agreement to get him back in the fully reunited touring group. "It don't got nothing to do with the money because I never got the opportunity to get that far," Bizzy Bone said in an interview at the time.

Either way, Bizzy is pressing ahead. Cash Money will get him a big new look and he already has another solo album coming later this month. Entitled 'Crossroads 2010,' Bizzy is apparently remaking some of his classic Bone songs in a heavy metal and hard rock context.

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