We all know that Birdman is rich, but how rich is he? The Cash Money CEO is so rich he has a gold toilet.

In the Instagram video above, Birdman gloriously shows off his golden throne to his newly-signed Rich Gang artist BTY Young’N. “Straight gold n----,” Birdman brags to his guests. “I said, I aint gonna do it twice, so when I do it I'mma give it to ‘em.”

The young rapper and his friend are very impressed by the pristine latrine, which automatically opens for you. "Went from sitting in a cell, to sitting on a jet," yells BTY Young'N. The guests were also equally impressed by Birdman's walk-in shower with a television set.

Yep, Birdman does it big.

We don't have a clue who BTY Young'N is, but he must have signed a major deal with Cash Money. We did a cursory look at his Instagram page and there's a slew of photos of the young rapper flaunting stacks and stacks of cash.

Somewhere, Lil Wayne is saying to himself, "Where's my money at?" We are just saying.

Nevertheless, when it comes to using the bathroom, Birdman does it in style. We are also wondering how does the maid clean a 24 karat gold toilet? Probably, very carefully.

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