During a recent promo run for his latest mixtape 'Juice,' Soulja Boy claimed that he was being courted by Bryan "Birdman" Williams. But according to the Cash Money CEO, there have been no formal talks to recruit the ATL rapper.

In light of Soulja Boy's current deal with Interscope Records, Birdman made it a point to explain that he is not focused on signing the 20-year-old."YMCMB busine$$ real talk.I neva tried 2 sign n0b0dy thts already sign 2 s0meb0dy," Birdman explained on Twitter. "we d0nt r0ck like tht.I neva tried 2 sign s0ulja.but I respect tha lil h0mey wrk keep getn it$$$$."

In Soulja Boy's version of events, Birdman reportedly reached out about a record deal during a trip to Miami. "When I was down in Miami for a couple of weeks recording with Sean Kingston, Birdman reached out to me," Soulja boy explained. "He said 'come and have a meeting with me' and he told me, 'Yo man you'd go perfect with everything we got going on. Whatever you want. I want to bring you over to this family, bring you to Cash Money."

For now, it's safe to say that Soulja Boy won't be joining the Cash Money ranks anytime soon.

The 'Crank That' rapper is currently putting the finishing touches on a 45-minute short film to accompany his 'Juice' mixtape. It is slated to premiere on BET later this year.

Watch Soulja Boy's 'Mean Mug' feat. 50 Cent
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