In an interview with Real 92.3 in Los Angeles this week, Birdman opened up about his relationships, including dating rumors about him and singer Toni Braxton, saying he doesn't get what the big deal is.

"Toni cool as f*ck, man. Super cool. That’s the homegirl," he said in an interview with Real 92.3 in Los Angeles this week, brushing aside talk that the two are dating  "I’ve been knowing her for a long time. We went to the BET Awards. What’s the big deal? We did music together. We got one coming out together."

He also shed some light on his relationship with Lil Wayne, insisting that the two still see each other everyday, despite Wayne's recent disses and ongoing lawsuit against him. Birdman even continues to call Wayne his son.

"One time, maybe, when all that other sh*t was poppin', we went about a year [without talking]," Birdman said. "But you know the weirdest... We see each other every day. Me and Wayne, we work right next to each other. That’s my son."

Birdman says that lingering issues aside, he's confident that his relationship with Wayne will eventually be back on the up and up.

"At some point, we gonna get together," he said. "It ain't like we enemies... in no kind of way. He's what I came in the game with and what I wanna leave in the game with."



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