These days, you can do a lot with a green screen and a good director. Just ask Big K.R.I.T, since he uses both for his new video, 'Mt. Olympus.'

In the visual, the southern lyricist uses an array of special effects to accompany the song's rapid flow and dramatic backing music. An animated K.R.I.T. spits sharp verses towards his critics and those people who've ever doubted him.

"Now you wanna hear a country n---- rap / Five albums in I swear a country n---- snap / Thought they wanted trap / Thought they wanted bass / Thought they wanted molly / Thought they wanted drank," spits the MC on the self-produced track.

Clearly, K.R.I.T is being pulled in all directions by fans and the music industry alike, and 'Mt. Olympus' is a song dedicated to all of those outside forces.

The video also contains several wardrobe changes by K.R.I.T, and he even goes the Run-D.M.C. route by rocking a black leather jacket and black fidora, and some might say he's looking way more stylish these days compared to the past.

Director A KRSP Visual does a good job of bringing attention to the rapper's lyrics by infusing cool imagery that comes off as pure eye candy. And that's all you can ask for from a music video director, right?