Beyoncé announced to the world yesterday that she's pregnant with twins. And after the immediate excitement fans expressed, the question quickly became-- will she still perform at Coachella?

TMZ reports that Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of AEG live which produces the festival didn't learn of Bey's pregnancy until it was announced to the rest of the free world. Because she's 35, her first pregnancy was reportedly high risk, and this go-around she's carrying twins, it's fairly safe to assume that by the time Coachella rolls around in April, there's a good chance she simply won't be able to perform.

Goldenvoice has not issued an official statement, and no one knows for sure how far along she is, but a source close to Bey said that as of now, she still plans to perform. As of right now, Goldenvoice is reportedly not yet looking for another headliner, though if they need to, it shouldn't be a big issue.

Either way, Adele and Rihanna may want to keep their phones nearby, just in case.


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